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The process of acquiring a property with Costa Blanca Realty becomes easy with the help of our professional multilingual staff, who will advise you in every matter and will guide you through the entire procedure. Discretion and personal attention to each client is one of the distinctive characteristics of our company.

Buying a property is an important decision that requires a lot of time and knowledge, both of the market and of the legislation. With the good advice of our estate agency you have the integrated solution for this complicated matter: we will help you select the ideal property that meets your needs and take care of all formalities and procedures to close the deal.

We offer a broad portfolio of exclusive properties in the most prominent areas of the Costa Blanca, a tourist destination with an exceptional Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot summers and mild winters; beautiful and peaceful quiet beaches with picturesque coves; extensive cultural and commercial possibilities throughout the year, with the trendiest boutiques; a renowned Mediterranean cuisine and much more…


1. Where should I buy?

If you have decided to purchase a property on the Costa Blanca, our experienced real estate experts will be pleased to introduce you to the relevant properties along the entire coast and in the areas in the mountains, then you will surely find the perfect location from which the search of your real estate can start.


2. What type of property should I buy?

It depends on your lifestyle, your goals and the needing you associate with your dream home. Is it the holiday apartment, the spacious villa as your retirement home, is it the future-oriented investment property or your new permanent residence in Spain, we discuss all your ideas with you and then, of course depending on your personal budget, we find together the adequate property.


3. Reservation of a property

After buyers and sellers have agreed on the price and the purchase period, both parties sign a private reservation contract, which usually means an upfront payment of 10% of the purchase price for the buyer. The object of purchase is taken off the market until the notary's signature and the sales contracts can then be prepared in cooperation with your lawyer and the notary.


4. Purchase and Option Contract

After scrutinizing all necessary documents, buyers and sellers sign a binding private purchase or option agreement ("Including Arras"). With the payment of the 10% down payment of the purchase price this private written purchase contract gets its legal validity.


5. Completion of the sale in front of a notary

When you have signed the notary title deed "Escritura Publica" together with the seller in front of a local notary, the final purchase price has been paid and the buyer takes the unpolluted property into his possession the property is finally your.


6. What costs or taxes are incurred when buying a property?

The costs depend on the agreed purchase price, the applicable taxes and any possible mortgage. In all cases you have to expect the following costs,

- Real estate transfer tax 10% of the purchase price
- Notary and Land Registry Tax: This is determined by law and is staggered according to tariff usually 0.5% to a maximum of 1.5% of the purchase price.
- Attorney fees: Depending on the desired work, please note that these fees may vary considerably depending on the law firm you choose. Generally they should not charge more than 1% of the purchase price, with some lawyers you can also agree a fixed cost amount.
- Mortgage Fees: Since these constantly vary, you must query them at the desired bank. We can also advise you there if so desired.
- Taxes incurred after purchase: You as the owner of a property in Spain, have to pay an annual property tax (IBI). The amount of this tax depends on the value of the property and varies depending on the responsible municipality.
- Income tax for non-residents (it means you do not have your permanent residence in Spain): If you rent your property professionally, you will generally have to pay 24.75% income tax on the accrued profits.


7. After Sale Service

Of course, Costa Blanca Realty International will remain your reliable partner for all questions concerning your property even after your successful purchase of your real estate. From the transfer of all contracts such as, electricity providers, water companies, telephone, Internet access, community costs transfers, etc., to the placement of a cleaning services, arranging moving companies or realize desired renovation works in your new property, we are happy to be at your side and offer you our further care.


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